Sit 'n Sew Getaways

Gather your friends and your stash and get away for a weekend and sew  (no husband, no phones ringing, no food to cook, no cleaning... just laughter, and fun! Stay up late, eat chocolate, laugh, and share your ideas.

Sit 'n Sew Weekend with Classes
($50 per person, max. 6 people)

Sample Classes offered are:

Lecture Demo: Basic Embroider do's and don'ts and what stabilizers to use for what project, along with lots of tips and tricks to make embroidery fun. Learn computer basics: downloading designs, saving and sorting.

Lecture/Demo and Hands on class for making an elegant one of a kind greeting card, along with printing on the cards. (Kit $10)

Hands on class for embroidering on paper.  You will embroider a design for the card along with embroidering directly on the card. You will lean the techniques for setting up a template, so you can use any design that you have in your stash. Kit $10 -- Learn the techniques to take apart and combine designs in your software to create larger designs such as this lovely vest

Hands on class: Learn to print a scene on special treated fabric and then embellishing with embroidery.( We will be using a scene and designs from one of Cindy Losekamp's books) Book will need to be purchase-(Book- Pocket Panache and printer fabric $43).

Hands on class for making an elegant one of a kind free lace scarf.  Kits available ($28) -- Learn tips on making lace and why some designs are not suitable for free standing lace.

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If you have a special request, we will try to design a class that suits your group.


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